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Welcome to ThaddeusandTADD.com

Posted by Thaddeus Apparel Group, Inc on

Welcome to ThaddeusandTADD.com

Thaddeus® and TADD® are now combined on one website!  They belong to the same family; they share DNA--might as well have their clothes all in the same place too.  Thaddeus®, the uncle, has been around longer, more established, but willing to embrace new ideas.  Quality fabrics are important but so are comfort, fit and details.  TADD®, the nephew, is younger, more rugged, more washed and weathered, more disheveled, but willing to learn from the past.

It gets interesting when they end up “borrowing” each other’s clothes for that special occasion or that Saturday hike.  The lines can get blurred pretty easily.  Thaddeus® and TADD® both get a good laugh about it.

Feel free to explore our new website and join our mailing list for future updates and promotional coupons.

Welcome to ThaddeusandTADD.com.

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