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TADD: Cotton Based, Detail Driven

Posted by Thaddeus Apparel Group, Inc on

TADD: Cotton Based, Detail Driven

As we merge Thaddeus and TADD on our website and social media, we thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce each of the two. Some of you may be seeing at least one for the first time. When we added TADD, we said:

TADD is the nephew of Thaddeus, sharing the same namesake and DNA but interpreted for a new generation of sportswear.  TADD is more casual, suggesting  a more worn-in, easy look.  The fit is slightly slimmer, trimmer.  TADD fits the mind and body of a man who wants to put his own stamp on the traditions he has inherited. 

TADD searches for a variety of textures in the cloths we use, sometimes mixing more than one in a single garment.  TADD also uses varied levels of weathering on our pieces, relishing the look of a garment made to be lived in.  There is often an artisanal feel to the collection.  With a whimsical sense of the absurd, TADD may harken back to a simpler time but would find it hard to deny the joys of living in the twenty-first century. 

He also continues the tradition of working very hard at not taking himself too seriously.

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