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Noble and Heroic

Posted by Thaddeus Apparel Group, Inc on

Noble and Heroic

Noble and Heroic, the FITZHUGH by Thaddeus® is quietly but firmly understated.  We knit this extremely soft all cotton fabric on sweater machines, but it’s sewn like a knit shirt.  Knitted trim with triple ridges down the center runs like a racing stripe from collar to cuff.  The exterior neck trim mirrors the sleeve stripe, and on the inside, we use our soft knitted pique and anchor it with woven herringbone twill tape.  The antique nickel colored zipper has a pull that is cast just for Thaddeus® with our 8 Point Star Logo.  That Star shows up again in the rivets we use at the top of the side splits we reinforce with baby canvas.  We use the same body fabric horizontally at the back yoke, and both the front and back are hemmed at the bottom for a straight-hanging, comfortable silhouette.  We knit slub rib trim with elastic to finish the comfortable and functional cuffs.  A lot of different components go into making the Fitzhugh, but once we dye each piece its solid color, the unity is what stands out.  It is only on closer inspection where the subtle details shine. 

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