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For the CONRAD by Thaddeus® long sleeve crew neck, we knit a long slub, very soft cotton jersey that takes the dye in a mottled high/low fashion. It still looks like a solid shirt, and we think a more interesting one. We knit elastic into the body fabric because it makes the shirt feel better, fit better and it also shows the color better. We use an “S” curve on the Raglan sleeve that fits just under the shoulder very handsomely. The sleeve fabric is baby pique for textural contrast to the body, and we knit it in the same soft cotton with the same elastic, so it moves and takes the dye just like the body fabric. Elbow patches in the body fabric contrast to the sleeves. Three small ridges are knitted into the crew neck collar trim for a touch of extra support and let’s face it: it also looks pretty great. There are splits at the side seams for comfort that are reinforced with baby canvas and a rivet that bears our Thaddeus® 8 Point Star. Our customers tell us that the more they wear our clothes, the more details they notice. We like that and apparently so do they. 

We also observe that the person wearing Thaddeus® is giving someone else several opportunities to start a conversation. Scroll up for a list. 

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